Barista Coffee Making

Woman making coffee in restaurant smiling

Course Description

This intensive coffee making workshop will provide you with the basic skills and confidence to work as a barista in cafes and restaurants. The skills acquired will also help  you to prepare great-tasting coffee at home. Students will be able to learn the basic theory of coffee making, origin of coffee, different types of coffee which are commonly served in Australia. Students will have a lot of opportunities to practice making different types of coffee by using a commercial espresso coffee machine. This workshop can help to  fine tune your skills in making espresso coffee and will provide you with more in-depth skills and knowledge so that you can progress to the more complex aspects of espresso making.

What you will learn

  • The origins and history of coffee, how the bean is grown and harvested to become the coffee we know and love.
  • How to pour the perfect espresso shot, and how to create frothy, creamy, textured milk.
  • How to make many of the drinks available in a cafe menu, such as the popular espresso and Cappuccino and the more complex Vienna, Latte Macchiato and Hot Chocolate
  • How to correctly store coffee, how to clean and maintain your equipment to ensure a great-tasting coffee