Global Classroom

APSI student 009

PHA as Global Classrooms

Australia is a migrant and multi-cultural society and in Western Australia, nearly half of the population are born overseas. Our mission is to bring PHA to the world as a global campus so that PHA students can share the learning experience with other hospitality students in other hotel schools around the world. We believe that in today’s rapidly changing environment, we are creating an added value through our global campus for future hoteliers and chefs.

In partnership with international hotel schools, our ‘global campus’ can provide a meeting point for all students and other hospitality stakeholders throughout the world. Our students are given an opportunity to share opinions, ideas, discuss about different topics in culinary world and hospitality matters or participate in group projects, video conferences or brain-storming sessions with other hospitality students in other campus.

Graduates from PHA and other hotel schools can conduct work experience or internship in Australia or other parts of the world through the worldwide placement program.

Our graduates are encouraged to look for job offers throughout the word via this global hospitality employment website: Hosco